The Difference Between Poly Tarps and PVC Tarpaulins.

Cheap tarps cost more in the long run. They are not reliable and  often tear when strong winds arise from storms. They don’t have rope attached to the eyelets.

Our PVC tarps have reinforced eyelets and ropes every 1.2 meters. We have under ties on all our large tarps. This will stop the tarp from flapping around causing tears and ultimately leaks. The material is 680 grams per square meter which is heavy enough not to be blown around.

The lightweight Poly Tarps have no way of securing from under the tarp. A slight bit of wind will get underneath causing a balloon effect. This will place pressure on the ropes on the edges, eventually causing them to tear at the eyelets.

Water damage can cost thousands. Often the carpet is damaged beyond repair and the plaster will be stained with watermarks as well as weakening its structure.

It does not make sense to save a few dollars and at some time jeopardize your biggest investment. PVC heavy-duty tarpaulins are the solution in renovating successfully. They will give you peace of mind when that big storm hits, your house is safe, and not have to worry about spending thousands to repair water damage caused by those cheap poly tarps because they will cost you more in the long run.

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