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9m x 12m $121.10
7m x 14m $119.91
7m x 11m $92.72
9m x 9m $90.72
7m x 9m $72.59
6m x 9m $66.57
7m x 7m $60.48
5m x 10m $60.48
6m x 6m $48.37
4m x 8m $42.35
3m x 10m $42.35

Price do not include GST Delivery $27 per trip

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    The state of Victoria is the second largest economy in Australia accounting for a quarter of the nation’s gross domestic product. Along with its steady growth, whether you are in Melbourne attending to a major construction or cover excess stock at your factory, we are ready to give you a helping hand with our tarpaulins.

    Victoria’s constant economic growth opens new opportunities for businesses to expand to new frontiers. Different industries in the region are expected to boom along perceptible demand in construction and development where companies like us can be of aid in terms of furnishing tarpaulin products to assists such projects. There is an estimated rapid increase in the demand of construction workers and builders all pursuing in the high rising state of Victoria. Victoria is also the center of dairy farming in Australia. It is also the home to 60% of 3 million dairy cattle in Australia. Tarpaulins can be used to cover hays, and other assets in this industry.

    Poly tarpaulins at Tarp Hire Australia are lightweight, moisture-resisting and cost effective. These tarps consist of cross-woven strands of polyethylene (PE), polypropylene, or another polyolefin plastic.  Poly tarps with more cross-weaves provide greater strength and durability.

    Check out our most affordable rates for Victoria and let’s talk your tarp needs.

    In Victoria, we serve Melbourne and all its suburb locations. Check out our Melbourne Tarp hire rates Now!!

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