PVC Vinyl Tarps: What to Look for and How to Choose?

The tarps are known to be useful for commercial, industrial and residential properties. They are known for covering commercial vehicles, equipment, roof, etc. However, when it comes to purchasing PVC tarps, it can be quite complicated. So if you need to invest in the tarp, then the guide here will provide you with proper information.


Buying PVC tarps

Making the purchase of good quality PVC tarps vinyl might seem simple, but it is not. The process requires a great level of vigilance. A single mistake herein can lead to loss. Remember the points when making purchase.

  • Fabric strength

The manufacturing process determines the fabric strength of the PVC tarp. It can easily be identified from the thickness coating or the fabric weight. The parameter must be considered when purchasing as it will ensure that the tarps are well reinforced during the manufacturing process so they will last for a longer time.

  • Application

Commercial and industrial use requires high-density tarps. So when you are planning to purchase a tarp that can withstand harsh conditions, you need to choose the fabric that can last for a longer time. Making a purchase of PVC tarps herein can be quite helpful as it will protect the property well from any delicate elements like fire or the wind.

  • Usage time

Considering the usage time is extremely important to make a purchase of good quality tarps.  You must choose the durable ones for longer usage. While for a temporary basis, you can go for the rental purpose or choose a lightweight tarp.

  • Thickness

When making the purchase of a heavy-duty tarp then, you can expect a longer life. But for this, you will have to make the purchase of a tarp that measures 10-12mils. The vinyl laminated tarps usually range from 14 mils and can go up to 40 mils. This is the thickest option you can find in the market. Also, there are lighter once that are suitable for low-intensity purposes. So make sure you consider the purpose and the thickness before making a purchase.

  • Mesh

The mesh, in simple words, is the thread per square inch. The premium tarps will have 12 to 16 threads per end, while the normal options have 10. You must know that the stronger tarps come with larger deniers.



No doubt PVC tarps are quite common for all purposes. So when planning to make a purchase, you need to understand the factors or aspects you need to consider. It will guarantee you make a good purchase that will last for a longer time.

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