Major Difference Between Vinyl and PVC tarps

The PVC and the vinyl tarps are the most commonly used tarps. They are widely used across Australia. Although they are considered to be the same but in reality, they differ. PVC is a type of vinyl that is a highly popular tarp with construction material.

No doubt, the application of both the tarps are quite similar but understanding the difference between the two is essential so that you are able to make the right choice for your next project.

PVC Tarps-What are they?

The PVC tarps are made using three-ply waterproof fabric, which is majorly based on the high strength polyester and PVC paste resin and added with multiple chemical additives like the anti-aging, anti-fungal etc. It has got properties like cold resistance, antibacterial, aging resistance etc. They can be found in multiple colours.

Herein the surface is mostly treated for anti-slip effect. The PVC tarps are an internationally popular waterproof canvas. They are available in large widths. When the finished product is processed, it will reduce seams and guarantee higher quality.

Finally, the tarps are heat sealed to avoid any water leakage. They are widely used as construction covers, industrial roof covers, weather covers etc. Finding a good PVC tarp is not difficult. You can visit a nearby store to make a purchase.

Besides, as they are available in multiple varieties, you will have an option to choose the right one.

Vinyl Tarps- what are they?

The vinyl tarps are yet another highly popular option in the market. It has got multiple applications for residential and commercial needs. They are designed to provide long-lasting service. As they come with high insulation and low-temperature cold track resistant features, you can expect such tarps to be of higher quality.

But the vinyl tarps are the main product. The PVC happens to be a by-product of the vinyl tarps. They are made using high strength PET and reinforced PVC laminate. The laminating coating herein assures the vinyl tarps are highly resistant. Thus with distractive elements and sturdy lining, they are flame retarded.

The only difference between the two is the material used for making the PVC and the vinyl tarps. The vinyl tarps are known to be more substantial than the PVC options. Vinyl tarps are resistant to abrasion and also wear and tear.

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