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9m x 12m $140.91
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    At Australia’s most populous state, it’s increasingly rapid economic and social transformation means projected tarpaulin usage for various applications are in demand and Tarp Hire Australia is here to assist you with our competitive rates that you’ll love.

    Australia has seen New South Wales undergone an increasingly rapid economic and social transformation. New establishments and other industries are steadily sprouting and replacing the old one, here we at Tarp Hire Australia can be your reliable source of tarpaulins to protect assets during construction from start to finish. New South Wales’ largest export is Coal and related products. Tarps are often used to cover such products during processing to protect from the element. Port Kembla in New South Wales is notable for its steelworks industry, with many ships utilizing the port. Industries like Port Kembla can utilize our tarps to be used as covering.

    Our tarps include grommets, ropes, special coatings and other accessories. Grommets are plastic or metal eyelets that will help secure tarpaulins. Ropes are used in tarpaulin borders to provide extra strength and resistance to tear. Coatings may include flame-retardant solutions that provide extra layer of protection.

    Check out our most affordable rates for New South Wales and let’s talk your tarp needs.

    In New South Wales, we serve Sydney and all its suburb locations. Check out our Sydney Tarp hire rates Now!!

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