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The Ultimate Guide on How to Shop For the Best Tarp

Are planning to buy a tarp for your upcoming project but wondering how to get hold of the best model? Then worry no more because you are in the right place. In this guide, we’ll talk about different types of tarps, look at their usages and explore their benefits. Whether you are looking for a tarp to cover cargo, build a canopy or use it in construction, we will recommend the best model to go for.

When shopping for a tarp, here are the main factors to consider:

1. Size of the Tarp 

Size is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a tarp for a given project. Most tarp vendors stock a variety of tarp sizes ranging from 5 x 7 all through to 170 x 170. That means you can simply purchase one huge tarp for a bigger project instead of ordering for two or three small ones.

2. Type of Tarp 

Depending on the purpose for which you are going to use the tarp, you might need to consider the tarp model to purchase. Currently, there are many tarp models in the market that you can choose from.
Here are some of the major types of tarps you need to look at:

-Polyethylene Tarps: As the name suggests, these types of tarps are made from medium to heavy-duty synthetic polyethylene. They are mostly used on the outdoor to cover vehicles, boats ad RVs. They can also be used to build canopies, cover truck beds and provide temporary protection. Valance tarps are a type of polyethylene tarps that are designed with no gap between the frame and tarp. This model allows rain to run down the frame easily and makes the process of setting a canopy simple.

-Mesh Tarps: These types of tarps are made out of fabric and are versatile and easy-to-use. They’re mostly used for providing quick shelter for public events. They can be used in a range of outdoor settings including gardens, nurseries, campsites and construction sites. Mesh tarps are resistant to mildew and rot and don’t crumble easily.

-Vinyl Tarps: These are tarps made from synthetic plastic. They cost more but are tough for use in harsh conditions. Apart from being waterproof, vinyl tarps are resistant to oil, acid, grease and mildew. They are mostly used to cover and protect machinery, tools, fertilizer, crops, stacked lumber, cargo trucks and unfinished buildings. Vinyl tarps are perfect for use in both hot and cold weather conditions.

-Canvas Tarps: Made out wax-coated cotton, canvas tarps boast of a sleek yet water repellant finish. They are mostly used in covering outdoor areas due to their high-end looks. Some canvas tarps can also be used when undertaking construction projects.

3. Mesh count 

Mesh count basically refers to web threads per square inch running both vertically and horizontally. Tarps with smaller weaves always tend to be more durable. When shopping for a good heavy-duty tarp, you should consider one with a mesh count of 12 x 14 and 14 x 14. The tarp should also have reasonable thickness (measured in mils). You are free to choose thickness of between 6 and 18 mil. Thicker tarps can be excellent choice if you plan to use them in snowy areas.

4. UV Protection 

When shopping for a tarp, be sure to look for one that’s UV treated. Such a tarp will protect you against the harmful ultraviolet light that can cause sunburns or skin cancer. In addition, you should ensure the tarp you purchase has a grommet at least after every 18 inches.

With all this knowledge on tarps, you can now have the confidence to order for the best tarp model for your upcoming project. This guide simply allows you to make a smart tarp purchase!

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