The Different Kind Of Tarps And Their Usage

A tarp is made of a flexible, strong, and water-resistant material, typically polyester, canvas, or plastics like polyethylene. This makes them perfect covers to offer protection against harsh weather conditions such as strong winds, sunlight, or rain. In Australia, tarpaulins are commonly referred to as hootch. There are different kinds of tarps available today, which can be categorized into four main categories. They include Poly Tarps, Mesh Tarps, Canvas Tarps, and Vinyl Tarps. Depending on the kind of tarps, tarpaulins can be used as a tent or groundsheet when camping or as a cover while transporting goods. Let’s look at the four main categories of tarps and their uses.


1. Mesh Tarps

Mesh tarps are usually made of a breathable material that allows air, sunlight, and moisture to penetrate through it. These tarps have grommets at the end of their edge, which allows it to be tied down. In addition, the mesh tarps have double-stitched hems and are available in different sizes and colors.

Uses of Mesh Tarps

> Mesh tarps are used to cover materials such as gravel, small rocks, and sand when transported by dump trucks.

> This kind of tarps is used at nurseries to provide sunlight to plants.

> Mesh tarps can be used to cover your backyard, thus protecting you from harsh sunlight.


2. Canvas Tarps

Canvas tarps are made of a highly breathable material that allows air to pass through its individual fibers. These tarps can either be treated or untreated. Treated canvas tarps offer resistance to UV exposure, water, and mildew. On the other hand, untreated canvas tarps are not completely waterproof.

Uses of Canvas Tarps

> Canvas tarps are commonly used to protect carpets and furniture during indoor painting.

> These tarps can be used to cover flatbed loads such as fresh vegetables and fruits that are moisture sensitive.

> Canvas tarps are highly versatile as they can be used in the construction industry or agricultural applications.


3. PolyTarps

Poly tarps are made of a plastic material called polyethylene, which can either be of high or low-density forms. A light-duty poly tarp has a lower weight, poly coating, and mesh count than a high-density poly tarp. The light-duty poly tarp can be used to cover items for a short time only while the heavy-duty poly tarps are preferred for long-term use.

Uses of Poly Tarps

> These tarps can be used as truck bed liners to prevent gravel or soil from seeping through the truck bed.

> Poly tarps can be used as a floor covering in a gymnasium to protect the wood flooring.

> A silver poly tarp can be used to cover a leak in your roof.


4. Vinyl Tarps

Compared to the other kind of tarps, Vinyl tarps are thicker and have a higher abrasion resistance. This means they can resist acid, oil, mildew, and grease. Their tough nature allows them to be used for heavy-duty purposes.

Uses of Vinyl Tarps

> Clear Vinyl tarps are used in marine as windscreens thanks to their visibility.

> These tarps are weather-resistant, which allows them to be used during emergencies.

> Vinyl tarps are commonly used as truck bed covers.


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