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Benefits Of Hiring Tarps Instead Of Buying Them

The benefits of using tarps are well documented. Tarps are used to protect carpets, furniture, and other items from damages. In addition, tarps can be used for camping, landscaping, and painting. Most people in Australia are usually torn between buying

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Securing Tarps

Blue tarps secured using grommets

If you happen to own or plan to rent a tarp you might be wondering what the best way to secure them is. Let’s break down the facts shall we? Grommets are metal eyelets that we punch into the hem

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5 Uses of Heavy Duty Tarps

Rolled blue heavy duty tarps

When you need to hire a tarp to protect your equipment, home or building/construction site, the heavy duty tarps at Tarp Hire Australia are your best option. Not all tarps are created equal. Lightweight poly tarps work great as party

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Handy Uses for Waterproof Tarps

Tarps made to resist water and moisture

After a cyclone or severe storm you may have seen huge blue sheets covering the roofs of homes. Called tarps, they offer temporary protection from the weather. Short for tarpaulins, tarps are typically made of a flexible, heavy-duty material like

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Install Roof Tarp in 8 Easy Steps

Proper installation of roof tarp

Whether your roof sprung a leak after a summer rain, or was damaged during a storm, follow these easy steps to install a roof tarp until you arrange repairs. Tropical cyclone season’s here, bringing with it the possibility of violent

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PVC Tarps: A Builders Choice

Blue PVC Tarps

For everything from home improvement projects to ongoing construction at industrial work sites, rugged PVC Tarps can protect valuable equipment and materials. No question, building is a dirty business. Outdoor sites are subjected to the elements; indoor jobs full of

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