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Handy Uses for Waterproof Tarps

After a cyclone or severe storm you may have seen huge blue sheets covering the roofs of homes. Called tarps, they offer temporary protection from the weather.

Short for tarpaulins, tarps are typically made of a flexible, heavy-duty material like PVC. They are often used when a temporary, weather-resistant covering is needed.

Here’s a little bit of history: The word “tarpaulin” comes from a combination of the words “tar” and “palling”, and was used as early as the 1600s to describe the tar-covered canvas pall that was used to protect cargo on ships. The word was soon shortened to “tarp”, though both versions are still used today to describe these versatile waterproof sheets.

Protect Your Roof with a Waterproof Tarp

Severe thunderstorms, tropical cyclones, and tornados can literally leave you without a roof over your head. Once the storm and danger have passed, covering your damaged roof with a waterproof tarp will protect your home and property until the damage can be professionally repaired.

Unless you properly install a tarp, water can leak through a damaged roof, leading to mold and mildew, and damaging the valuable contents of your home. Take the steps necessary to protect what’s yours with a rental tarp.

Waterproof Tarps Make Great Ground Covers

Planning an outdoor get-together but worried that the weather could turn your carefully manicured lawn into a muddy quagmire? Spread waterproof tarps over the area. When you remove the covers on the big day, the lawn beneath will be completely dry.

Your guests (and their shoes) will thank you for your efforts, and your party will go off without a hitch!

Waterproof Tarps Protect Your Outdoor Gear

Whether you need to protect your boat, rental equipment, or just some patio furniture, waterproof tarps are perfect for the job. They are flexible, easy to maneuver, and resist tears, UV rays, mildew, and of course water.

Tarps also come in handy if you’re planning a move, or just transporting something across town. Use a waterproof tarp to cover open trailers or trucks, and that mattress you just purchased will arrive home with its pillow top still in brand-new condition! You can also use heavy-duty tarps to cover appliances and furniture during moves, to keep them dry, and prevent scratching.

When you need to rent a waterproof tarp, contact Tarp Hire Australia. We offer wholesale rates, a variety of sizes, and same-day dispatch throughout Australia.

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