5 Uses of Heavy Duty Tarps

When you need to hire a tarp to protect your equipment, home or building/construction site, the heavy duty tarps at Tarp Hire Australia are your best option.

Not all tarps are created equal. Lightweight poly tarps work great as party tarps, but they’re not made to withstand wind and other harsh conditions.

Heavy duty tarps are made of building-grade materials, the best materials available to protect your property. With durable 8mm rope attached at one-meter intervals, heavy duty tarps can be tightly secured.

Here are some reasons you should consider renting a heavy duty tarp:

  1. A heavy duty tarp can temporarily protect your roof after storm damage
    If your home or building gets damaged in a storm, you need heavy duty tarps. Using a lightweight tarp to cover your roof may give you a false sense of security. What will happen if the wind picks up again?A lightweight tarp could tear, become loosened and begin to flap, or simply fly off your roof…leaving you in an even worse position than you started in! Rent heavy duty tarps instead. They’re made for stormy weather. Heavy duty tarps will keep out rain and water, and prevent mildew and mold until you can arrange repairs.
  2. Heavy duty tarps can protect your building/construction site from the elements. Gaping holes in the ground as foundations are being dug. Unfinished framing open to the skies. Bulldozers, graders, and stacks of building materials at the ready.Builders need heavy duty tarps to protect their construction sites, and the valuable equipment left there for the duration of projects. Renting tarps, instead of purchasing them, will let you get exactly the right sized tarps you need to cover specific assets at each different property.
  3. Protect your vehicle or boat with heavy duty tarps. Some people might call them toys, but to you, your car and boat are your babies, your trophies. They’re also among the biggest investments you’ll make in your life. Take care of them with a heavy duty tarp! Don’t let dust dull the shine you worked hard to wax on and buff. When you don’t have a covered area to store your vehicle or boat (or don’t want to pay outrageous fees for dry storage), rent heavy duty tarps to keep them dry and dirt free. Treat them like the prized possessions they are.
  4. Hiring outdoor equipment? Protect it with heavy duty tarps  Let’s say you’re working on a home improvement project. Unless you’re an experienced Mr. Fix It, you’ll probably need to rent some of the equipment you need to bring your plans to life.And if you’re not willing to kiss your deposit goodbye, rent heavy duty tarps to protect the tools and equipment you’ve hired. You need to return them in the same condition as you rented them in, so renting a tarp is a small price to pay!
  5. Transporting valuable cargo? Cover it with heavy duty tarps
    Whether you’re moving a new mattress across town in the back of your truck, or have a heavier load on a large open trailer or container, a heavy duty tarp will keep your cargo dry and protected.Rental tarps are perfect for covering cargo. Heavy duty tarps come in all shapes and sizes, so no matter what you’re transporting, Tarp Hire Australia will have what you need to protect your shipment.

Want to learn more about renting heavy duty tarps to protect your property? Don’t wait till tomorrow if you need a tarp today! Visit Tarp Hire Australia for more information about pricing and sizes, and your tarps will be delivered in just hours!

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