Key Applications of Fire Retardant Tarps

Fire or flame retardant tarps are canvas materials that are used for protecting people and properties from exposure or damage caused by fire. FR-rated tarps are usually designed with a certain chemical that prevents any form of combustion. That means, when exposed to fire they will not easily burn or fuel any combustion. Flame retardant tarps are used in a variety of domestic, commercial, and industrial applications. The majority of the FR-rated canvas materials are used indoors because of the risks of fire associated with such areas.

The following are some of the areas when fire retardant tarps are applied:

1. Protecting Against Fire Breakout in Welding Facilities

Welding facilities mostly use flames to join pieces of metals together. If you’ve kept any dry materials like wood, polythene, or papers in your welding workshop, then there’s a possibility they might catch fire. You can always use FR-rated tarps to prevent the risk of contacting fire and its spread thereof.

2. Covering Flammable Materials When Being Transported or Shipped

When transporting or shipping materials like household matches, sulfur, aluminum powder, activated carbon, or magnesium, you may need to cover them with an FR-rated tarp. These materials can ignite a fire when exposed to friction and water. Activated carbon can ignite without any specific ignition source. Covering these items with high-quality tarps during transportation will not only minimize the risk of fire ignition but also prevent dangerous spreading in case of ignition.

3. Protecting Against Static Electricity 

Static electricity can be described as electric charges occurring within or on the surface of a material. Such electric charges can cause sparks that might ignite the fire. Hence covering the material(s) with fire retardant tarps can help protect against the effects of static electricity.

4. Containing Heat in Outdoor Construction during winter 

Fire retardant tarps provide a viable solution for containing heat without them bursting into flames. In winter outdoor construction setting, the tarps can be used to contain and focus heat originating from forced air heaters to help keep construction workers warm. That way, people working on your construction site can do the job without freezing out.


These are some of the major applications of fire retardant tarps. You can always feel free to compare various tarp brands in the market to choose the best. So long as it perfectly meets your needs, it’s worth purchasing. FR-rated tarps are available online, so don’t worry if you don’t find them locally.

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