Installing a Heavy-Duty Tarp

Heavy-Duty Tarps – Installation Guide


Heavy-duty tarps are one of those items that are widely used for outdoor activities at the construction site, for the home renovation project, and a lot more work. Undoubtedly, they are effective items that can provide proper assistance. But you must understand without the right installation, you might end up damaging the tarp. Thus it will be a great loss. When installed properly, things will look cleaner, and you will have proper security. Heavy-duty tarps are majorly used for outdoor activities. The guide here will describe the steps to install the tarp correctly and keep up with the protection.

Step 1 – Measures the tarp to match RV width

To begin with, you need to lay out the tarp with its back facing upward. Now make sure you measure your RV width by placing a tape measure next to the end of the tarp right up to the end to know where you will have to fold the sides.

Step 2 – Tie the rope to grommets

Once you are done folding in the desired width, you need to tie a long rope to both the ends of the grommets present near the middle of the tarp. Finally, run the rest of the rope on the opposite side.

If you have a wide pole, you can lay it along the edges to make it easier for a roll-up. While if you don’t have something suitable, you can consider taking help from someone as it will be a little easier when a person is on each side.

Step 3 – Roll the tarp

Now you must stay careful while rolling the tarp. Start the process from the sides where you have tied the rope. Make sure to keep the alignment straight. It will help keep the rope near the middle of the roll.

Step 4 – Lift the tarp

Make sure you use a step ladder to leave the tarp on the back of your RV. You can now roll out the portion that will hang down on the RV. Next, take the rope you inserted into the rolled-up and throw it towards the front.

Step 5 – Roll out the tarp

Make sure you align the rope with the center and the front of your RV. This will make the type of rollout on the top of the RV. You might have to climb to ease the rollout when you have an AC unit.

Step 6 – Unfold the tarp

If you have attached the grommets, you can pull out the slopes from both sides. If not, then you have to use a ladder to reach up and pull the tarp down. Finally, make sure you pull the sides to bring it to the center where you want it to rest using a few grommets to avoid flying from high winds.



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