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Tarps That lasts? Here’s How To Keep Your Tarps In Best Shape

Tarpaulin sheets are unfathomably helpful because of their quality, adaptability, and water safe nature. Appropriate support is fundamental in dragging out their valuable life. Inability to do as such will make the tarp defenseless against harm by the components. The

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Why PVC Tarp is Ideal for Storage and Protection

Image of a blue PVC Tarp

Tarps are no doubt versatile and all-rounded, something that makes their applicability quite widespread. From keeping away dust and debris from things to covering painting and furniture assets during renovation all through to securing goods during transportation, there are literally

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The Surprising Benefits of Using Tarps to Protect Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture (on the lawn, patio or deck) are an expensive investment that should be protected by all means. Some of the common destructive elements you need to watch out for include UV rays, rain, snow and dirt. Investing in

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The Ultimate Guide on How to Shop For the Best Tarp

Are planning to buy a tarp for your upcoming project but wondering how to get hold of the best model? Then worry no more because you are in the right place. In this guide, we’ll talk about different types of

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Here’s 4 Key Ways How To Use Tarps When Renovating

Photo of Renovation Tarp Application on a planned home renovation

Tarps are very important when it comes to renovation projects that require large amounts of destruction. Tarps play a critical role in keeping off the construction dust, paint and any other elements that might ruin the beauty of the home.

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3 Misconceptions about Tarps

Image of 3 misconceptions about tarps

Tarpaulins are a critical part of today’s cargo transportation, storage and protection. And though tarps have been around for years, there are a number of misconceptions often associated with them. That has made many people to shun from using heavy-duty

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Key Applications of Fire Retardant Tarps

Fire or flame retardant tarps are canvas materials that are used for protecting people and properties from exposure or damage caused by fire. FR rated tarps are usually designed with a certain chemical that prevents any form of combustion. That

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The Difference Between Poly Tarps and PVC Tarpaulins.

Blue PVC Tarps

Cheap tarps cost more in the long run. They are not reliable and  often tear when strong winds arise from storms. They don’t have rope attached to the eyelets. Our PVC tarps have reinforced eyelets and ropes every 1.2 meters.

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